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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tampa Bay VOIP Long Distance

When it comes to long distance savings, most customers are looking for the best long distance phone rates in general or for calling a specific international destination. So why is this post about Tampa Bay long distance calling and Tampa Bay VOIP long distance plans specifically?

A lot of potentional customers have been searching for and asking me about discount phone service in certain geographical areas. Do I recommend a specific long distance phone provider or long distance service type in Tampa Bay, for example?

That is a good question. There ARE different phone service providers and service types depending on your location. Tampa Bay may have more long distance providers than Boise, for example. Maybe there is more or less competition from resellers. In some areas major providers like AT&T provide exceptional value, especially in triple play packages. They also face competition on basic landline home phone services.

For long distance in Tampa Bay, I would be willing to bet a Tampa Bay voip provider might offer the best deal. With the rise of companies like Vonage, the local providers like AT&T ( with their uVerse) and Verizon have gone the old "if you can't beat them, join them" route and are pushing their own digital phone services. These voip calling plans often provide better value than old 1 plus long distance, in Tampa Bay and elsewhere.

So what is the best long distance provider in Tampa Bay? What I recommend is using a tool like the Whitefence triple play quote tool ( see banner below) and entering your local information for a service quote. Another option is just going directly to a VOIP provider like the one at the bottom of this post. Either way you will find a good deal for long distance in Tampa bay or anywhere.

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