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Monday, February 1, 2010

Toll Free Service

Toll Free Service can be a good value for business as well as personal use. Having a toll free number can allow a business to appear more professional as well as allow customers to call from long distance for free. While long distance charges aren't as significant as they used to be many potential customers still have to pay long distance charges. Having a toll free or 1-800 number is a convenience.

Toll free numbers also come in 877,866,888 and other exchanges in addition to the 800 toll free numbers. Businesses can use toll free numbers for national sales cmapiagns, for receiving orders, and call center order fulfillment.

Why would an individual person or family use a toll free number? A lot of families started using toll free numbers so their children could call them for free at any time. These include families who want their college children to call home without racking up their own long distance charges. The parents can control and pay for the costs this way. Toll free numbers are also good in emegrencies when a child does not have a cell phone or funds to pay for a pay phone call. A per minute charge and low monthly fee for toll free service can provide considerable savings over collect calls.

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