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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bundled Phone Services

Bundled Services in this sense refers to local and long distance phone from the same company on one bill. In the "old days" of land line residential phone service, it was pretty common to have a local carrier and another for long distance. For example Verizon ( or another Baby Bell) would be the local carrier and you would get your long distance ( and separate bill) through AT&T.

In the early 2000s, a lot of local reseller providers started offering flat rate local and long distance for one price on one bill. These bundles often included many premium features ( call waiting, caller ID, voicemail) for "free" and a set number or unlimited minutes.

Many of the big local providers got in on the act as well as expanding wireless and digital phone ( voip) offerings. The reseller bundles have fallen out of favor. Now one can get a similar deal through AT&T, opt for VOIP services, or use free wireless minutes for long distance calls.

Bundles may now refer to subscribing to phone, cable/tv, and internet all through one provider. A cable triple play, if you will. For example I use AT&T Uverse for my home phone, internet, and television programming. Many cable companies offer something similar.

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